Time Program Description
5 am Morning Meditation An hour of Tibetan Buddhist chants to help you start the day
6 am Soul Caffeine Happy music to help get you going
7 am Bright Shiny Cloud Oh goddess oh god what is that bright shiny cloud its so bright my eyes make it stop must drive keep driving
9 am Day of awesome! Spiritual music to help you follow your path through your day, with enough trance, JPOP, and mashups to help you stay on target
Noon Tasty for your heavy day Music for to make HAPPY for noon
2 pm Get Back To Vêrk! Spiritual music to help you follow your path through your day, especially if that path involves coding, writing, or any other form of typing
5 pm Time for PONY! Alternative and progressive trance with JPOP and mashups for to have music what makes the thinking stop and have fun more! Ha. Ha. Ponies.
7 pm Evening Meditation An hour of the spiritual voices of Women to help you end your day and start your night.
8 pm Discovery and Exploration Spiritual music and special programs to help you find your path from among the many different faiths all around the world:

Monday Wednesday Friday
American Paganism Japanese Shinto Tibetan Buddhist
All other evenings – Random Religious Programming
10 pm Slumber party Yay! It’s a slumber party! Why are you sleeping?

Special Programs

Day Time Program Description
Saturday 8 pm Experiments and Trials Music that I want to try out, but am not entirely sure will mesh
Sunday 8 pm Sunday Dreams Music that I like. Because.