Featured Artist: DjPon3

Vinyl Scratch – the official DjPon3.

Featured Artist for October, 2012

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You don’t get to just walk in and claim Vinyl Scratch or DjPon3 as your monikor without paying your dues and delivering the epic wubs.  Your own mythos has to fall far to climb this high, and many have tried and died.

But with this incarnation of Vinyl Scratch we have a mistress worthy of our worship – compelling our devotion and sacred attention.

DjPon3 lists Skrillex first among her influences, but DjPon3 is neither as lurching nor aggressive, welcoming the listener into the brostep world without demanding that we become fully acclimatizing to it.  Your weapons don’t have to remain at the border, and there is no strip search required.

There is in Vinyl Scratch’s Hey Sound every bit of the driving soaring lilting counterpunctal of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (so reminiscent of Progressive Trance in a previous century) but in a conventional beat structure that soothes the mind, calms the soul, like a warm hug.  Along with its weaving and alluring vocal in no time at all the dialogue becomes reminiscent of ancient Kraftverkian Radioactive mindscapes and Jean Micel Jarre’s Oxygenated skies – and we are destined for a brighter star.

Perhaps tempered by the influence of Paul Van Dyk, the fluctuations and the passion are there, but the violence is only hinted – the blow slides by the face leaving a cloud burn, without contact; a tattoo only seen on the heart.  Its as if without the UK influence DjPon3 is able to give us a more accessible, more self revelatory experience that is not as aggressive, yet just as demanding.  Unburdened by the rebellion from the form, a new conversation is found.

If you’re looking for minimalist dance informed by dubstep, like DeadMau5’s Some Chords, your tree is over there not here.  With her tight ways with finer influences this composer has something both older and more refined to say – more vibrant and more honest about her own voice in a way that Paul Van Dyk could learn from.

After an excellent reception (top 5% of all tracks tested) we are delighted to add Vinyl Scratch “DjPon3” to our evening “Slumber Party” programming and throughout our Trace/ElectroDubStep programming day.

Please support Vinyl Scratch. in whatever way you can.  YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation await your desires.

Finally, DubStep we can peace out to.

/) Feb.

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