Interregnum and Station Reboot Time

Our service provider was hit by some malicious cyber-attacks, and we were offline between October 6 and 9, 2014.

Because the attack may have been ongoing for several weeks before it was detected we’re not going to trust our ISP’s backups, and are just going to start over from scratch with a clean install from the ground up.

I’ve rebuilt the website using a copy that I made on DVD from the station’s last major service outage in 2012, and have gone through all of the radio station’s programming to make sure it’s clean and current.

So, this is us starting over, and everything that happened between September 2012 and October 2014 is just lost, and will be henceforth referred to as the “Interregnum”.

I’ll recreate the featured artists links and descriptions as I restore their music to the station, one by one, over the next couple of months.

~ Feb.

Scheduler Fixed!

Thanks for the feedback about the Automagic Scheduler problems.

It absolutely was getting stuck in the same playlist forevar, but I’ve tweaked it so that it should switch programs with less blood letting at the hour break.

And by telling it that I trust it to know when to end the active playlist because a new one is coming online, it should no longer be getting permanently stuck in the default playlist.

Please don’t hesitate to write if you notice any problems with the broadcast.  I listen all day long, but because it’s all music that I like I don’t always notice when it gets stuck in a schedule event forevar.